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About the choir

Music has an amazing ability to talk to everyone, no matter what language we speak. Music draws pictures and tells stories, enlivens the imagination and creates a mood. With its beauty, it can bring tears to your eyes and captivate with exciting moves more than any action movie.

With this beautiful art form, specifically choir music, Tartu Boys’ Choir has been doing it for 59 years, proudly wearing the title of being one of the oldest boys’ choirs in Estonia. Taking an example from boys’ school choirs in England that have been active for 80 years, Tartu Boys’ Choir embraces childish sincerity, youthful charm, musical maturity and virtuosity.

The choir performs classical music, romantic pieces, rythmic contemporary music and also pop and gospel music, meanwhile highly valuing Estonian composers.

This season, the collaboration between Tartu Boys’ Choir and Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir will continue, leading singers on the path of professional choir culture with master courses, open lessons, meetings and going to concerts. Long-term collaboration with theatre Vanemuine will also be continuing with the choir boys participating in Bizet’s opera “Carmen”. For the first time ever, we will be on the same stage with artists nublu and NÕEP in November 2019 and with Heigo Rosin and his students from H. Elleri music school in May 2020.As per tradition, the choir will be taking part in a boys’ choir contest held at Tartu in April 2020. It will be held in Tubin’s hall and organized by the Estonian Mens’ Song Association. In 2019 Tartu Boys’ Choir has had positive attention:

– Undel Kokk – Bronze footprints on the Tartu Teerajajate Alley
– Annelii Traks – Laureate of the Tartu Cultural Endowment scholarship of Tartu Singing and Dancing Festival
                            – Laureate of the Uno Järvela scholarship of the Estonian National Culture Foundation
– Sander Tamm – Laureate of the teacher scholarship of Tartu Education Department
– Katrin Nuume – Laureate of the teacher scholarship of Tartu Education Department
– Martin Käspri – Laureate of the Eino Tamberg scholarship of the Estonian National Culture Foundation

By Tartu Boys’ Choir it is possible to be a part of a diverse program. Estonian choir classics show emotion, power and fragility to every member in the crowd. Songs from composers as Veljo Tormis, Pärt Uusberg, Cyrillus Kreek, Tõnu Kõrvits and Arvo Pärt will paint pictures of nature, captivating and alluring. There is something distinctively Estonian about it:

Reflection of northern nature: the sadness of cloudy weather, little sunlight peeking through the branches of a bare tree, using folk melodies directly or indirectly. In a northern country, where population is sparse, untouched nature is in abundance and ties between nature and the people are strong, the bond between music and nature is clearly perceptible.

Our program includes songs, that have been sung by 20 000 people through times, that fill concert halls, … award ceremonies and receptions but gives goosebumps during any gathering. Songs like “Mu isamaa on minu arm”, “ Ta lendab mesipuu poole”, “Üksi pole keegi”, “Palve”, “Laul Põhjamaast”, “Ei saa mitte vaiki olla” combined with Tartu Boys’ Choir singers’ life and music cognition greet the crowd with contrast, beauty and pain.

Who doesn’t know legendary children’s songs, like “O on ümmargune, K on kandiline”, “Me pole enam väikesed”, “Jorupill Jonn”, “Tige Tikker”. These and many more songs affect adults and children of all age groups. These melodies are by such authors as Raimond Lätte, Priit Pajusaar, Anne Ermast, Piret-Rips Laul, Kadri Hunt, Olav Ehala. Songs by these composers are characterized by musical humour and surprising harmonies.

Over 10 years of collaboration with theatre Vanemuine has added operas “Tosca”, “Boheem”, “Werther”, “Carmen”, musicals “Gypsy”, “Helisev Muusika”, “Evita”, “Motetid”, “Kaval-Ants ja Vanapagan” and “Mary Poppins” to the Tartu Boys’ Choir  portfolio. Pieces like “I dreamed a dream” from Evita, “Tõuseb päike, loojub päike” from Fiddler on the Roof, “Lastelaul” from Lotte, “Greased lightning” from Grease invite the audience on a trip to visit the history of stage music.

SInce the addition of sound in films, music has developed to be a vital part in them. In the film industry, every small situation or big emotion is emphasized by a sound effect or melody, whether it’s the hero or the villain. The same way operas and operettas use music to change the mood and atmosphere, films use music to show anxiety, fear, nobility, romance or love. A program made up with songs that do exactly this, is what we want to give to the audience on our 2019/2020 season concerts. There will be songs from Estonian films, but also songs from the film classics. We will be visited by Anna and Elsa from Frozen, Shrek, Lion King, Nukitsamees and Pätu.

Adding to the previous and Christmas songs, we like Eric Clapton’s, Leonard Cohen’s, Hans Zimmer’s, Josh Groban’s, Michael Jackson’s and many more artists and composers scores, including Estonian bands and artists such as Traffic, Dagö, Curly Strings, Daniel Levi, Greip and Ruja.

Our professional sound and performances, that have been polished down to the finest detail, have opened many conferences and decorated different events. Tartu Boys’ Choir, wearer of Rahvakollektiiv title in 1974, was a highly awaited guest on most stages. Success has taken the choir to Bulgaria, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and many more European countries. During the 2019/2020 season, the choir is getting ready for a trip to Georgia, where they will participate in the X Tbilisi International choir festival.

In the near future, the choir is awaited on stage in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and China.


Koorist lehele

Annelii Traks

Jorma Toots

Jorma Toots

Annelii Traks

Born on April 29, 1961 in Weimar, Germany. In 1963-1968 she lived in the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation. She graduated from the music class of Tartu 5th Music School in 1976, from the Tartu Children’s Music School in piano in 1977, from the special chemistry class of the Tartu 5th High School in 1979, and from Tartu Heino Eller Music School in 1982 (Valve Lepik conducting class), in 1987 – Tallinn State Conservatory (Professor Kuno Areng conducting class). From 1986 to 1992, she worked as a music teacher and choir director at Tallinn Jacob Westholm High School (solfeggio, harmony, music history, mixed chorus, ensembles, soloists). From 1992, she has taught music and directed the choir at Karlova High School in Tartu (solfeggio, boys’ choir, vocals). From 1996 – head of the music department at TKG, from 2013 – at the choral school of Karlova High School in Tartu, since 2014 – head of the choral school of Karlova High School in Tartu.

Since 1997, she has conducted children’s choirs at all general and youth song festivals and is the director of children’s choirs at the song festivals ‘Ilmapuu lävel’, ‘ÜhesHingamine’ and ‘Mina jään’. Conductor of boys’ choirs at the international song day of boys’ choirs and male choirs in Tartu in 2015.

Heino Kaljuste scholarship of the Estonian Culture Foundation for the promotion of school and choral music 2011, creative scholarship of Tartu Cultural Capital 2011, finalist of the contest ‘Act of the year in education’ 2014.

She has been directing Tartu Boys’ Choir since 1992.

Jorma Toots

Jorma Toots (born on 8 November 1975 in Tartu) is an Estonian pianist.

He graduated from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, professor Lilian Semper’s piano class, and then obtained his master’s degree in professor Matti Reimann’s chamber ensemble class.

With various ensemble partners, he has performed at many chamber music competitions and festivals in Estonia and further afield. In 2004, he and saxophonist Ivo Lille represented Estonian musicians in the concert series ‘UpBeat’, which brings together the best young interpreters of the Baltic and Nordic countries. In addition to his active work as a chamber musician, Jorma Toots is also active as a jazz pianist. Together with the best jazz musicians in Estonia, he has recorded several records for Estonian radio and record company Universal Music.

Jorma Toots works as a teacher at Heino Eller Tartu Music School and as an instrumental music lecturer at the University of Tartu.
He started working in the Tartu Boys Choir in 2021.

“Perfect sound without any deviations”

- city newspaper of Falbach, Germany

Stage partners:

  • Nordic Symphony Orchestra and conductor Anu Tali
  • Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra and conductors Toomas Vavilov, Mihkel Kütson, Erki Pehk, Arvo Volmer, Endel Nõgene
  • Tallinn Chamber Orchestra and conductor Eri Klas
  • Latvian National Mixed Choir “Latvija” 
  • Uue Maailma Symphony Orchestra and conductor Kaspar Mänd
  • Band of the Estonian Defence Forces and conductor Peeter Saan
  • Chamber Orchestra Colleegium Consonante and conductor Lehari Kaustel
  • Band of the G.Ots Tallinn Music College and conductor Siim Aimla
  • Tartu Youth Choir, Brass band Tartu, Estonian National Male choir, Estonia Boys Choir, St.Michaels’ Boys Choir
  • Artists: Siiri Sisask, Ott Lepland, Jassi Zahharov, Margus Kappel, ensemble Noorkuu
Tartu Boys Choir is member of Estonian Male Choirs Union since 1961.

Singers by voice type:


Hubert Uku Prank
Kaupo Piir
Tormis Kaldma
Aldan Arthur Leppik
Joosep Kalmus
Mattis Miikael Tannik
Markus Soome
Maarius Künnarpuu
Karmo Kikkas
Kaarel Põldmaa
Fredi Vahesaar
Mikk Artur Mikfelt
Jaan Robin Hermann
Magnus Lõhmus
Kris Robin Põldma
Juhan Mahla
Indrek Kannel
Raul Mikksaar
Erik Mäesepp


Marcus Sirp
Ott Markus Viltrop
Herbert Hugo Prank
Paul Konrad Kepp
Enos Heiki Rätsep
Villem Kann
Juhan Pae
Harald Türna
Jeret Kure-Pohhomov
Jakob Saks
Tristan Mäeots
Ott Meister
Alarik Paas
Ralf Popman
Tõnu Vares
Ragnar Christiaans


Kaspar Vider
Rait Veevo
Tristan Georg Talur
Andreas Alexander Sütt
Frederik Strelkov
Mihkel Mahla
Marten Aas
Sander Kets
Robert Kirs
Mattias Mängel
Aksel Tafenau
Joosep Elias Tõru
Martin Albert


Pöök Ore Vilbaste
Karl Martin Täkker
Tobias Herman Jürgens
Rasmus Allik
Joonas Karo
Karl Kaspar Mahoni
Aap Valter Metsa
Karl-Johannes Pilt
Raho Süvalep
Targo Süvalep
Ervin Otto Prank


Sander Tulit
Parvin Tiks
Hendrik Leis
Martin Käspri
Rasmus Ellamik
Henrik Ted Carl Erik Högström
Heiki Peterkopf
Stefan Saks