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Tartu Poistekoor laulupeol

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Tartu Boys’ Choir has always been an active participant in public life, enriching Estonian male singing by offering concerts for the entire population of Estonia with a high level of organization and the best performance. We consider it important to preserve and increase our audience, promote deep music among young people by regularly organizing school concerts and music projects aimed at children. It is safe to say that Tartu Boys’ Choir is a reliable and creative partner for both Estonian and foreign music organizations, performers and composers.

An open, comprehensive and encouraging approach, a trustworthy and friendly atmosphere – these are the key words that characterize the model of behaviour of the organization which we are striving for this season. At the same time, we consider it a priority that the singers come to the rehearsal in a happy mood and with a smile on their face, and leave even more inspired, bold and active participants in social processes. Tartu Boys’ Choir does not seek to rise, advance, become faster or organize more than anyone else. We want to be unique, diverse, high-quality, cutting-edge, innovative and creative.

If you want to support us not only with a concert visit, you can do so by transferring a certain amount to the current account of MTÜ Tartu Poistekoor and ‘Kurekell’ girls’ choir at Swedbank EE552200221071528510, adding one of the project names listed below, and your contact: phone number or email address. For our part, we want to offer you concerts and special events.

Together we create opportunities!


Ongoing projects

Purchase of Orff instruments: 3425 €
Collected: 0%
Costumes for performances: 15000 €
Collected: 100%
Inventory for performances : 500 €
Collected: 0%
Ordering sound recordings : 2100 €
Collected: 0%
Trip to Georgia: 11000 €
Collected: 100%
Sound recording repository: 5600 €
Collected: 0%
Scholarship for singers: 1500 €
Collected: 10%
The Choir documentary: 15000 €
Collected: 0%


AS Prike
Maret Reimann
OÜ Harry Metall
OÜ Larissa Travel Agency
OÜ Advokaadibüroo Tehver ja Partnerid


Tartu Linn
JK Tammeka
Tiigi Seltsimaja
Eesti Filharmoonia Kammerkoor
SA Narva Muuseum
Eesti Suursaadkond Peterburis