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Tartu Poistekoor - logiraamat

Tartu Boys Choir’s logbook

Tartu Boys Choir’s activities from the 10th birthday of the choir to 2015 are carefully recorded into the historical logbook, which has been performed over time by choir singers and all the conductors of the Tartu Boys Choir.

The logbook gives an overview of the seasons of the Tartu Boys Choir, impressions of concerts and concert tours. Lists of concert visitors are also interesting, feedback and expert opinions and correspondence with partner choirs. Also notes on several collaborations and initiatives (including Boys Choirs singing day in Tartu).

A handwritten logbook gives the reader a decent dose of the era, opens the greatness of the Tartu Boys Choir and its leaders. While offering an exciting joy of recognition and entertainment for the alumni as well as for the devoted witnesses.

“Tartu Boys’ Choir is a singing balm that pours on the souls of aging singers and brings joy to the audience.”

- ‘Tartu Postimees’ 22.11.2006

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